Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Germany Figures Out How To Unite Jews and Muslims

Pretty simple, actually: try to ban circumcision.

They seem to be taking rather the opposite approach in Zimbabwe, where male legislators set an example for their citizenry recently by having become circumcised as part of a concerted effort to control the HIV epidemic, since circumcision dramatically reduces HIV transmission. "Members of both main parties--normally bitter rivals--had the surgery," the article notes. This is leadership!

As the data on circumcision and HIV transmission are pretty widely known in public health circles, and given that there is other data suggesting other health benefits of circumcision, we at the Billy Rubin Blog suspect that the German court ruling is little more than anti-semitism masquerading as concern for children. But at least in this case the term "anti-semitism" joins those two normally factious cousins under one banner. Well done, members of the Fatherland!

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