Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The Origins of "ObamaCare"

From the blog electoral-vote.com today:

"Yesterday the Supreme Court took up the case of whether all or part of the Affordable Care Act passed by Congress 2 years ago is constitutional. Twenty six states, all with Republican Attorneys General or governors, have filed suit claiming it is unconstitutional. The great irony of these suits is that the whole idea was not invented by President Obama (ObamaCare) or even Mitt Romney (RomneyCare). It's origin goes back to President Richard Nixon, who saw that many people did not have adequate health care and wanted a solution, albeit a Republican solution. He asked the extremely conservative Heritage Foundation to think of a solution and they did: make everyone buy insurance from a private company, that is, an individual mandate. For decades, this was the Republican response to Democratic attempts to expand Medicare to cover everyone. Only after Obama pushed through NixonCare did the Republicans begin objecting to what was, in reality, their own plan."

Well said.

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